Shane Hathaway wrote:
Paul Everitt wrote:
I still don't think scripters and developers are the same people. I won't repeat Dan's arguments here, but I think his essay is a valuable read for understanding an audience that isn't like most zope3-dev people.

Once again this comes down to differing visions. Is Zope more like Excel / OOo Calc, where spreadsheet users are presented simplified but limited capabilities, or is it more like most web frameworks, which have only one audience but do their best to provide a great experience for that audience? It may not be possible to be both, due to limited resources.

I realize that Dan's background makes the spreadsheet analogy apropos. Perhaps we could choose OO's new form designer, or the database wizard, as a better example. Also, regarding the last point, it's valid, but only after deciding if the audience (scripter vs. developer) even exists.

For example, imagine some group cared about this and produced something for Zope which excited people like this screencaster. Imagine this effort was credible and sustained.

I think there would be some portion of the zope3-dev list that might still want TTW outside of real Zope, as it wasn't a core audience/goal.

This thought experiment is to find out whether Zope thinks such an audience exists and wants it, but just doesn't have the resources, or whether audiences like this guy just aren't for Zope 3.


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