It has been suggested several times (also by myself) to make
smaller, namely to move out all the stuff that's not exclusively needed
by the Zope 3 Application Server.

A good list of such packages are the ones used in Zope 2. An ultimate
goal would be that Zope 2 won't have to include in the future.
I've looked through the Five source code and identified a lot of such
packages. I've compiled a list of them with some very basic info,
foremost what I think we could do to avoid Zope 2's dependency on them
(in, that is):

This list is incomplete, both in quantity and in quality. I'd still like
to share it with you at this point because I would really like to hear
your feedback and your ideas. For many of these I don't even have a
half-baked idea of what to do. Please help me. :)

We don't need to deal with them at the same time. We can do them one by
one. We also don't need to complete this for Zope 3.3/2.10, but it would
be nice if we can get in place as much as possible.


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