Martin Aspeli wrote:
  o In zope.testbrowser, [snip] having the ability to select nodes
> by XPATH would be incredibly useful

Yep, I and others have thought the same thing.

I imagine an existing
library would be available to make this reasonably easy to implement?

With ElementTree going into Python 2.5, I suspect testbrowser will grow XPath support.

o In zope.testrecorder, the ability to add comments that become DocTest comments is a stroke of genius. What I'd love to see, though, is the ability to add assertions for text.

We've considered that too.  Patches welcome. :)

o Finally, zope.testrecorder always records full URLs, e.g. http://localhost:8080/test/foo. It would be nice if it could render those in the doctest at least with some variable substitution, e.g.:

Good idea. The post-record screen (where you choose either Selenium or testbrowser output) would be a good place for that. You could choose any substitution you wanted for the host and port portion of the URIs, defaulting to whatever the actual value was. We would have to handle the case when more than one base was recorded during the session.
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