Martin Aspeli wrote:
Benji York wrote:
With ElementTree going into Python 2.5, I suspect testbrowser will grow XPath support.
Great! (of course, if we could have it sooner....) :p

I'm hesitant to add another dependency to Zope 3, especially something as grotesque as libxml2. :) ET seems like a good alternative. We can add ET to Z3 (either the pure-Python or C version) and after Python 2.5 is the oldest supported version, remove it.

I looked at zope.testrecorder and thought, hey, that looks simple! Then I saw the .js file... ;-)

Yeah, the implementation is necessarily somewhat hairy.

Realistically, I don't think I'm likely to have time

Same here.

Yeah, that was my thinking. Actually, I'd prefer if it just rendered it as a '%s/foo' % base_url, where base_url was a variable. That way the test case could do e.g. base_url = self.portal.absolute_url() and we wouldn't have to hardcode anything.

For Zope 3 functional tests where the netloc is ignored that would unnecessarily clutter the resulting tests. If it's going to be a fixed value, I prefer the current behavior. Configurablity sounds good here.
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