Jim Fulton wrote:
> On Sep 12, 2006, at 10:33 AM, Christian Theune wrote:
>>>> - I think we want a release manager.
>>> You're a genius!  I'll just snap my fingers.
>> What happened after you snapped? :)
> You became the release manager. Welcome aboard!

Can I make you my assistant? Do I get free health care?

I might get argued into doing that, if the contract that is put on my
head states clearly what my tasks are. If the tasks are unclear, I won't
do it. I'd be happy to help with clearing up the tasks, but I would need
a jump start from someone else (Philipp, Stephan, Jim?).

>> Does the application of irony indicate that we (I) should get over it
>> and ignore the problem (for now)?
> No, only that talk is cheap.  I apologize for the irony.  This talk of 
> "just release whatever we have on date X no matter what shape it's in
> and ignore all the other issues we have" puts me in a ornery mode, the
> best side of which is irony.

I hope I didn't argue for that because I don't think we should sacrifice

>>>> - Make it easier (or make it better understood how) to make releases.
>>> +1 MakingARelease spells it out pretty clearly.  There are a lot of
>>> issues here that I don't want to bring into this thread.
>> New thread then?
> Yeah, but not now.

I'll put this in my tickler file to raise it again if nobody else does.


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