Hi Jim,

I have some wiki desires of my own that I'll probably never realize:

- HTML WYSIWYG Wikis that don't use any form os structures text (small s)
  and just use an HTML editor.  I think that structured text of any kind
  is an obstacle to Wiki use.  Moin moin's markup rules drive me as batty
  as old Structured Text drives other people.  ZWiki supports EPOZ
editing and I'd love to see that used. Of course, this sort of experience
  avoids the need for preview or structured-text documentation.

Wicked can do this, I believe, and it will likely (pending voting) be in Plone 3.0. You write ((foo)) and you get a wiki link to foo, regardless of text format.

wicked is a bit AT specific, but whit is working to make it be more general, and factor out the re-usable bits. I'm sure he can chime in.

- Off-line editing.  zsync provides a huge opportunity here. I wish someone
  had time to work on it.  It would be totally cool to be able to check out
  a wiki onto a local hard disk, work on it, and merge my changes back.

I think this is a more general problem - doing proper online/offline sync of content. I'd love to have offline capabilities in Plone, for example. :)


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