+1, they are an embarrassment.

I am available to migrate them into the modern era, fix the broken configuration, etc. I would also support someone who wants to extract the content to moinmoin/mediawiki/svn if that were decided, though I think that would be sad :) (or not! better than moldering along for another few years). I can see why trac is also attractive.

Jim, I'm about to oversimplify and sound ungrateful and hopefully out of date. Here it is: I honestly do not understand why you have not at some point made it your business to do something about zope.org ? My thinking goes like this: you invented zope, you are a principal of ZC, you have the root password on that server; we out here can do a lot, but without that power we essentially can't cure zope's crufty web presence. Specifically, I'm talking (in this thread) about getting one of the key tools used to publish Zope documentation upgraded or replaced. I've almost lost interest at this point. Not that I matter so much, but I'm at least somewhat representative.

Forgive me for ranting to you of all people, who has given us such beautiful work. I'd like to understand better.

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