Jim Fulton wrote:
> On Dec 13, 2006, at 6:31 PM, Christian Theune wrote:
>> That's definitely a good question. This might lead us to the  
>> discussion
>> what Zope 3 is.
> Yes, which I don't particularly want to do now. :)

Ack. I'm just interested in finding out priorities for bugs (for me).

> (Although I really should post my thoughts on this one of these days.)

That would be great.

>> Do we have/want a (sharp/blurry) border?
> How can we have a border without a definition. :)
>> Is it what is distributed with the release?
> I don't know. Would that make docutils core? :)
>> Is it what needs to be fixed before a release?
> I think "core" is largely is a meaningless label in a system, the  
> collector where we collect too much information already.

Hmm. Would that mean we should provide better different labels in the

Didn't we start some discussion a while ago about moving away from them?
Does someone have this project on his radar still?

> Anyway, wfmc isn't included in and therefore doesn't affect releases.

K, that's enough for me to ignore the one bug then. ;) You mind if I put
off the meaningless 'core' label for now so I can manage the bugs a bit


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