Hello Christian,

It seems that the activity has the attribute, but it's not declared
in the interface. z.wfmc interface was/is quite out of sync with the
implementation I think. I already fixed some, but looks like there are
still some lurking.

Thursday, December 14, 2006, 12:09:21 AM, you wrote:

> Hi,

> what is our desire to keep WFMC workflow support in the core? I just
> stumbled over issue 701 and wondered why it's declared as a core issue,
> and well, wfmc seems to be zope.wfmc and a core component.

> I propose that this is beyond a core component of Zope 3.

> Christian

> PS: I know that we don't have a clear definition of things that should
> be / shouldn't be in the core. But my personal feeling is that a
> workflow engine isn't.

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