>> There are a few Launchpad developers in the Zope developer community, so
>> I think there's a good communication channel there.  Nonetheless, I
>> would also like to offer the Zope Foundation Board phone and online
>> access to the Canonical 24/7 support office for getting a quick response
>> on any critical issues that are affecting use of Launchpad, while the
>> Zope project is using Launchpad as its bug tracker.
> Yay! I guess that would be done by our single point of contact, right?

I spoke to Jeff who runs the support department.  What we usually do for
commercial support is that two people in the customer's organisation are
nominated as support contacts.  So, for Zope, I expect the Zope
Foundation Board would nominate one or two people as the support
contacts for using Launchpad.

The single point of contact for checking the quality of the bugs
imported into the demonstration server can be a different person.

> One question popped up for me:
>   Are we talking about the Zope 3 collector or all collectors on
>   zope.org?
>   Launchpad seems to give us even more benefit if we switched all
>   collectors over, because we would get the upstream management
>   capability.

Right, the ability to have a bug filed on, say Zope 3, but then later
retargetted to ZODB.

>   However, this is the zope3-dev list and I'm not sure we
>   could decide this for Zope 2 and ZODB.
>   OTOH we could make a first step by switching with Zope 3 and let
>   everybody else join us in the mid-/longterm.
>   I can also imagine that extending the discussion to CMF, Zope 2 and
>   the ZODB right now would render us inable to get to a decision within
>   the next days.
>   My own conclusion on this is therefore that we should talk about the
>   Zope 3 collector only.

I'm fine with this.  Once the programming work is done, and we have a
good mapping of the bugs' statuses in the Collector to the bug statuses
in Launchpad, it will be straightforward to move the data from other
Zope-related projects that use Collectors.  So, the big issue there is
seeing if this is a move that is supported by the community of people
developing on these projects.

Steve Alexander

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