Jim Fulton wrote:
>> I'm sorry to bore you with that, but I didn't notice that we had a
>> definite outcome of the last discussion.
> Of course not.  That's what makes such discussions so tiresome.
> People have lots of ideas and complaints about easy solutions,
> like sticking with the current collector or moving to launchpad,
> but are unwilling to actually step forward and make commitments to
> implement other options.

Right. I currently consider this to be one of the challenges we face
regarding managing the project.

>> This also goes into what
>> Martijn said the last time:
>> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.zope3/18957/focus=18957
> That link isn't very helpful. It points to a message in which Martijn  
> says nothing and
> a thread in which he says many things.

Sorry, gmane.org fooled me. I meant to use this link:
(Hopefully this works now)

>> I'd be happy using launchpad too. The last link points to a discussion
>> that didn't have any decision in the end. I wouldn't go as far as
>> abandoning the old collector data.
> Then I think we should stick with the current collector unless someone
> comes forward to do the work of moving the data, or unless we decide
> we don't need to.
> ...

Fine with that. Can someone else please also speak up and agree that
this discussion had the outcome of sticking with the collector or
provide new insights? At least the mailing list archive can be used as a
reference for this decision then.

We should avoid to raise the topic again in the near future then, and we
should gather some of the insights on how to use/change the collector in
the wiki or our development guides IMHO.


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