On 13 Feb 2007, at 00:20 , Michael Kerrin wrote:
On Monday 12 February 2007 10:41, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
I'd like to release Zope 3.3.1 soon. The tests are passing on Linux and
Mac OS, apparently there's only a problem with zope.app.twisted on
Windows, afaik. Can we get this problem isolated, analyzed and fixed
asap, please?
I don't know what is going on with the tests on Windows. But I have just managed ( for the first time :-) ), to compile, start, and run all the tests
successfully on Windows.

So, you're not seeing a test failure then?

Adam, can you make the installer for 3.3.1 again, upload it (w/o publishing it) so that we can try to reproduce it on our machines?

Althoug I had a slight problem starting Zope because of ZODB.winlock not working but considering all the problems I ran into to get the damn thing to
compile I put this down to my lack of experience with Windows.

How did you compile Zope on Windows? I assume you used some version of Visual Studio?

We can't delay this maintenance release any further. It's bad enough
that a *release (!) branch* has been broken for such a long time w/o
having been fixed.

If this isn't fixed soon, I'm going to advise to the maintainer of the 3.3.x line to back out the change that led to the test failure so that
we can assure all of the Zope 3.3 users out there that we're indeed
fixing bugs and releasing the fixes. Zope 3.3.1 has tons of other
bugfixes that people out there are waiting for.

I hope we won't have to resort to reverting the zope.app.twisted change.
The thing is I don't know what as changed in the twisted code. I recently updated Twisted on the trunk - but I didn't put this change onto the 3.3

I see. Perhaps this is spurious then?

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