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(wrong list, btw... such posts belong on zope3-users@zope.org)

I'd like to build a UI that allows a user to changing what adapters (views in particular) are assigned to an interface through a web interface. The sounds like it's going to require runtime assigned and un- assignment of adapters.
Has anyone tried this before?

Well, we do it all the time with persistent, local components (not necessarily with adapters but with utilities).

The key is that we haven't done it (recently) with adapters, so this is some virgin territory. I believe I've seen a report of a problem with local adapter registrations but it's been lost in my old email. Hopefully, whoever sent me the mail will chime in or, better yet, submit a collector entry.

In Zope 2 land we've been using local adpater registrations quite successfully, actually:

* five.customerize lets you "customize" template-based browser views by creating a persistent PageTemplate and registering that as an adapter locally.

* plone.portlets, the new portlet system in Plone 3, registers content provides locally

* kss.core registers a local event handler just for AJAX views

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