On 13 Feb 2007, at 12:21 , Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 13 February 2007 06:14, Jim Fulton wrote:
Well, we do it all the time with persistent, local components (not
necessarily with adapters but with utilities).

The key is that we haven't done it (recently) with adapters, so this
is some virgin territory. I believe I've seen a report of a problem
with local adapter registrations but it's been lost in my old email.
Hopefully, whoever sent me the mail will chime in or, better yet,
submit a collector entry.

If I need local adapters these days, I use z3c.baseregistry. Usually adapters
do not need to be persistent, but just available locally.

z3c.baseregistry is still a volatile registry, thus should be populated at bootstrapping time, not at runtime, since all changes would be lost after a restart.

That approach has
worked great for my project and we have started developing other high-level
APIs on top of that (a plugin system for example).

So to get back to Chris' original question: We configure the plugins via the
Web, but all the code and configuration is done on the filesystem.

Interesting. plone.portlets actually uses the Component Architecture and a persistent registry as the underlying "plugin system", it just provides a fancy UI on top of this to manipulate the registry. I think that works out well.

I'm not quite convinced high-level APIs, or any other API, is needed at this point. While z3c.baseregistry is great, I think there's definitely room for local, persistent registries.

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