Brian Sutherland wrote:

Ok, I'm mostly done with what I wanted to do on that branch. I want to
give people a chance to review it (feel free to commit directly to the
branch) so I'll leave it on the branch for about 2 weeks before trying
to merge it to the trunk.

I am getting an error when running from an instance after
removing zodb section in etc/zope.conf

   File "./bin/runzope", line 48, in ?
   File "./bin/runzope", line 44, in run
     main(["-C", CONFIG_FILE] + sys.argv[1:])
File "/mbaiju/wa/jinty-zodbless/src/zope/app/twisted/", line 76, in main
     service = setup(load_options(args))
File "/mbaiju/wa/jinty-zodbless/src/zope/app/twisted/", line 145, in setup
     app_factory = appsetup.setup_app_factory(options.databases)
File "/mbaiju/wa/jinty-zodbless/src/zope/app/appsetup/", line 221, in setup_app_factory
     db = multi_database(database_factories)[0][0]
 IndexError: list index out of range

Baiju M

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