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Thanks Jim. Where is PILwoTk located at the moment?


I'll look to pull it in with a dev egg in the short term in the buildout to satisfy the dependency until this is more widely available.

I have no idea how you would do that.

Note that this release is a hack/tweak of the standard PIL release that I did by hand. It would be best in the long run to encourage the author of PIL to make a release that works with setuptools.

With all the packages and dependencies to look after in a buildout, particularly for a larger zope app, something like a pre-flight (that could be executed as an option to a buildout) might be valuable. I think something that could analyze, assess, verify, and print dependency information without running a complete buildout might be the ticket if it is possible.

The general idea comes to me from other systems I have used in the past (such as xml publishing toolchains) where you run a pre-flight to determine whether large documents will run through the toolchain successfully without actually constructing the document.

I don't see how that would work, given that requirements often arise from new distributions installed while running the buildout.

Also, at least in the case of installing eggs, I don't really see any harm in attempting the installation. Nothing gets uninstalled as part of egg installation.

I think what's needed, as I mentioned before, is output of those distributions that required the distribution that couldn't be found. I plan to provide this.


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