Thanks Jim. Where is PILwoTk located at the moment? I'll look to pull it in with a dev egg in the short term in the buildout to satisfy the dependency until this is more widely available.

With all the packages and dependencies to look after in a buildout, particularly for a larger zope app, something like a pre-flight (that could be executed as an option to a buildout) might be valuable. I think something that could analyze, assess, verify, and print dependency information without running a complete buildout might be the ticket if it is possible.

The general idea comes to me from other systems I have used in the past (such as xml publishing toolchains) where you run a pre-flight to determine whether large documents will run through the toolchain successfully without actually constructing the document.


Jim Fulton wrote:

On Apr 16, 2007, at 4:35 PM, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

Dave, please don't reply to other threads. Thread association doesn't usually happen by Subject line but by mail headers...

David Pratt wrote:
Hi. I have already managed to repackage a couple of apps using eggs only zope (zc.zope3recipes on Yesterday, I began creating another eggs-only application as a test however this app requires z3c.viewlet. The z3c.viewlet package has a dependency upon zope.viewlet. When running the buildout stopped during the zope egg installation. I deleted the zope.viewlet egg and reran the buildout and it stopped at the same point. Hoping someone can advise if this a possible problem with zope.viewlet or how I might debug this a bit more to complete the buildout. Many thanks.
The error in the buildout is as follows:
buildout: Installing testapp
zc.buildout.easy_install: Getting new distribution for zope.viewlet
zc.buildout.easy_install: Got zope.viewlet 3.4dev-r73833
Couldn't find index page for 'PILwoTk' (maybe misspelled?)
zc.buildout.easy_install: Getting new distribution for PILwoTk
  Installing testapp
  Getting distribution for PILwoTk
Error: Couldn't find a distribution for PILwoTk.

zope.viewlet doesn't depend on PILwoTk. The above output from buildout doesn't even say that it is (it was getting a *new* distribution for zope.viewlet accidentally at the same time, it seems). A google search for PILwoTk only turned up references to z3c.image [1].


Buildout needs to provide more help in this situation.

PILwoTk is a special distribution of PIL that I created that installs with setuptools (easy_install or buildout) and doesn't require Tk. :)

I'd be happy to make it more widely available. AFAIK, there isn't any other distribution of PIL that installs cleanly with setuptools.


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