Christian Theune wrote:

we're running late on the Zope 3.4 release for about two weeks. (That's
pretty much my fault as I was way to busy and didn't yell out that I

I'd like to do Zope 3.4a1 ASAP. I'm pretty sure that I don't have time
to do the actual release though. As soon as we have the 3.4a1, I'll
update the release plan to match the following phases.

However, there are currently two bugs assigned to the Zope 3.4a1 release
in launchpad that could be moved for the beta unless we feature freeze
in the alpha already, I don't remember our policy on that and couldn't
find any hint in the wiki.

So, two things:

- I'd like some support for those two bugs
  to triage and/or fix them?

- I need a volunteer to make the actual Zope 3.4a1 release.

For Zope releases <=3.3 we used procedures described in The procedure for making a release is relatively easy because

* one tag is needed

* one command is needed to create a tarball (zpkg)

We need to update this procedure to account for the new egg-based procedure. In particular, we should solve the following issues:

* Will we create the tarball with zpkg? What about the Windows release?

* We probably want to release eggs of all Zope 3 packages at the same
  time. This raises the following questions:

  - I think we need to tag all individual packages as well.

  - If so, WHO tags them? (I would hope that we can determine
    maintainers for each zope.* package who will start maintaining the
    release cycles of the individual packages). Tagging basically also
    means updating

  - Who physically creates the eggs and uploads them to the CheeseShop

  - That last point raises another question: Do we upload things to the
    CheeseShop, to or to both?

I think we should answer these questions first so that we can actually go ahead with the release. I'll be happy to play a part in some of those steps, but I would prefer a clearly laid out procedure first. Release chaos with close to a hundred eggs would destroy us otherwise...

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