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> Christian Theune wrote:
> > - I need a volunteer to make the actual Zope 3.4a1 release.
> For Zope releases <=3.3 we used procedures described in 
> http://wiki.zope.org/zope3/MakingARelease. The procedure for making a 
> release is relatively easy because
> * one tag is needed
> * one command is needed to create a tarball (zpkg)
> We need to update this procedure to account for the new egg-based 
> procedure. In particular, we should solve the following issues:
> * Will we create the tarball with zpkg? What about the Windows release?

Yes, we will stay with creating the release zpkg-based. We tried to come
up with an egg/buildout-based approach to assemble something that looks
like an old-style release but this didn't work out for the 3.4 release
because of time constraints.

> * We probably want to release eggs of all Zope 3 packages at the same
>    time. 


> This raises the following questions:
>    - I think we need to tag all individual packages as well.


>    - If so, WHO tags them? (I would hope that we can determine
>      maintainers for each zope.* package who will start maintaining the
>      release cycles of the individual packages). Tagging basically also
>      means updating setup.py.

Can we automate that?

>    - Who physically creates the eggs and uploads them to the CheeseShop
>      and/or download.zope.org?

The one who runs the automated script? ;)

>    - That last point raises another question: Do we upload things to the
>      CheeseShop, to download.zope.org or to both?

There's been a small amount of discussion at PyCon and maybe in IRC that
points out that we could have a directory on download.zope.org that
contains all eggs for one release. You can point your find-links to that
and get exactly the eggs of the 3.4 release (branch).

Good points about this approach:

- central visible place for each release
- the goal to create a set of eggs that where tested together
- the feeling for people to know "ok, this is what zope 3.4 is, just in
a set of eggs instead of a tarball"

Bad points:

- we probably will use this approach to procrastinate on getting the
dependencies right, meaning, if we get the dependencies (and the version
dependencies) right, then we shouldn't need this release directory 

> I think we should answer these questions first so that we can actually 
> go ahead with the release. I'll be happy to play a part in some of those 
> steps, but I would prefer a clearly laid out procedure first. Release 
> chaos with close to a hundred eggs would destroy us otherwise...

Jupp. We might want to choose not uploading everything on cheeseshop
initially, to make sure we're getting used to the procedures.


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