On Tuesday 10 April 2007 18:12, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>    - I think we need to tag all individual packages as well.
>    - If so, WHO tags them? (I would hope that we can determine
>      maintainers for each zope.* package who will start maintaining the
>      release cycles of the individual packages). Tagging basically also
>      means updating setup.py.
>    - Who physically creates the eggs and uploads them to the CheeseShop
>      and/or download.zope.org?
>    - That last point raises another question: Do we upload things to the
>      CheeseShop, to download.zope.org or to both?

Reading those questions convinced me that we are not ready for an egg-based 
release. The overhead for the release manager is far too great. even with the 
simple approach it took about 0.5-1 day; I would think it takes more than 
that now.

I think we need some tools for this first. something that allows us to say: 
for packages x, y, and z do the following: Create a tag, change setup.py, and 
then create the egg. If we do not have this tool, every release will be a 
major pain.

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