Hi Jim. Yes, a tool to generate a dependency tree would be a very useful utility to inspect package relationships for a buildout.

Some excellent advice. I'm very interested in your approach to create RPM's from buildouts as well. Looking forward to seeing this. Many thanks.


Jim Fulton wrote:

On Apr 17, 2007, at 9:13 AM, David Pratt wrote:

The pre-flight is just an idea at the moment. Buildouts present constantly changing dependencies as different package releases are made. I can see some buildouts getting into the one to two hundred egg range. I guess from my perspective, it would be helpful to see some sort of globally generated dependency output for a buildout (opposed to through each package's setup or the egg info produced).

But dependencies aren't global. Each script can have a different set of dependencies. To find out what these are, look at the generated scripts.

It might be nice to have a tool that generates a dependency tree from a working set. This tool is far more general than buildout and could be used, for example, with an script or interpreter generated by buildout.

I'm also wanting some assurance that a buildout will run to completion without fear that a recent package revision or change will break it, particularly for deployment. I don't want dependency issues to be a factor in killing the automation from executing properly - so have been thinking about this in any case. This potential exists even if the buildout has successfully run before. Many thanks.

For deployment, you're better off specifying versions so you don't get accidental upgrades at deployment time. buildout provides a number of tools for doing this, most notably:


For greater safety, if deployments are very important to you, consider building system installation packages from buildouts. I create RPMs from buildouts and we then use these RPMs to deploy. I intend to write up how I've done this, although I haven't done so yet, unfortunately.


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