On 31.05.2007, at 20:08, Dieter Maurer wrote:

I fear my colleagues responsible to maintain the productive versions
would not be happy:

  They want the system to be as stable as possible.

  If they need to introduce a new component, they usually
  prefer to just add this one component. Only if this forces
  other updates, they reluctantly will make them.

The motivation for this behaviour: even if a newer version
is supposed to be backward compatible, it often has slightly different
behaviour which may trigger bugs in the other parts of a complex system.

i think we are talking about package dependencies here, and not application dependencies

if an egg based application e.g zope 3.5 is released, the package versions should be nailed down anyways by buildouts "version" section and packages should be more tolerant, so that changes of version conflicts gets minimized when collecting them in an application

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