On May 31, 2007, at 10:58 AM, Tres Seaver wrote:
I'd rather have the dot, e.g. "foo 2.* >= 2.5", just for clarity:

  - It makes the intent clearer (that you want any version in the
    "two dot" release line).

  - It disambiguates the case where the version number might have
    double digits (e.g, '0.1' vs. '0.10').

This depends on how the * is interpreted. setuptools already treats dots as optional in many cases and this would be one more. I also prefer the last syntax I suggested without the "*". So, the example would become:

  "foo 2, >=2.5"

(I forgot commas in my earlier examples.)

Without the *, I think there is less of tendency to interpret the specification as a glob.

Another feature I'm not sure is already in setuptools:

  - I *don't* want dev releases to replace production ones
    implicitly:  no package should be able to install a non-released
    version without explicit callout.  If this isn't already the
    default behavior, then I'd like syntax for spelling it.

What do you mean by a "dev" release?


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