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Benji York wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>  > [1] This means *never* doing 'svn mv' or 'svn remove' on such a tag,
>  >     once announced.  No exceptions, period, even for "brown bags".
> I can see that rule applying to eggs, but I'm not sure why we need
> to do it for tags.  I don't really object, but would like to understand
> the motivation.  Deleting tags of "bad" or ancient releases doesn't seem
> particularly onerous.

Removing a tag for a release is like removing and egg or a tarball:
releases are *forever*.  Satellite maintainers literally *cannot* know
how / if a dependent is using that tag.  For instance, if somebody has
an external pointing to a tag, and you delete it, you break them.  More
insidious (and this is a bug in SVN, I think), if somebody uses a
revision-qualified external to point at the tag, you *stll* break them,
because SVN applies the revision qualifier *after* traversal.

The "SVN bundles" promulgated in the Plone community are a fine example
of this effect:  there is no guarantee that a bundle you download and
build today will be buildable tomorrow, because the "satellite" owners
aren't careful enough about their release hygeine.

If you make a "bad" release (I've done it myself), don't try to "cover
up" like a cat on a linoleum floor:  do the Right Thing(TM) and release
*again*, with appropriate mea cupla / chest beating.

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