On 24 Aug 2007, at 19:55 , Dieter Maurer wrote:
Andreas Jung wrote at 2007-8-24 19:35 +0200:
Whitespace rules have a major impact on the readability of code.
Readability is a major point when we talk of code quality. Readable code
does not make code automatically but good code has to be readable.

Lots of whitespace does not make the code more readable for all
persons -- it does not for me, for example.

Other rules are more important:

  *  use speaking names

* ensure that a "unit" (e.g. a function definition) can been seen in its

  *  carefully document complex operations

  *  combine a general overview with detailed source documentation.

These are all excellent points. THat doesn't mean that the right usage of whitespace can't make code more readable.

Anyway, I think this will be my last response on the style guide issue because we all are mostly on the same page, and we're we not it's a matter of taste and that's hard to argue about.

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