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I currently don't see how a smooth transition would look like. At the end
will have Zope 2 for Python 2.X, Zope 2 for Python 3.X and Zope 3-ish
components for Python 2.X and different components for Python 3.X...appears
as a nightmare to me.

I think, at first let's see how Python 3 spreads, how successful it is and how much developers will switch. Then I assume that there will be a Python 2 version (perhaps 2.6?) that will be backwards compatible and also compatible to Python 3 in most cases.

Compatibility is explicitly a non-goal of the language designers. At most they aim for Python 2.6 version which supports code that can be transformed by the 2to3 tool, but we don't know how well that will work.

Indeed, let's wait and see is the only thing we can really do right now.

Then it will be time to make Zope2/3 compatible with Python 2.6, which may not be that hard after all. After that it will be possible to slowly migrate from Python 2.6 -> Python 3, without breaking anything and without splitting Zope 2/3 in a Python 2 and Python 3 version.

A slow migration is not really possible. You are to convert with 2to3. There is the proposed scenario that you maintain the same codebase for 2.6 for a while and release 3.0 versions by automatic conversion. Let's just say I want to hear about practical examples of projects doing this first. :)



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