Andreas Jung wrote:
I am basically speaking here for the Zope 2 world. If we move core components to Python 3000 we have to move the complete Zope 2 core to Python 3000 which will cause a huge disaster because of almost every third party component is likely to break. This is a big risk for the reputation of Zope. I currently don't see how a smooth transition would look like. At the end will have Zope 2 for Python 2.X, Zope 2 for Python 3.X and Zope 3-ish components for Python 2.X and different components for Python 3.X...appears as a nightmare to me.

Right, I think it's unlikely we'll see Zope 2 on Python 3. If Zope 3 moves to Python 3, that would mean a maintenance nightmare. This all makes me feel incredibly grateful to the language developers. :)



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