Am Samstag, 1. September 2007 13:11 schrieb Andreas Jung:
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> > Andreas Jung wrote:
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> >>  wrote:
> I currently don't see how a smooth transition would look like. At the end
> will have Zope 2 for Python 2.X, Zope 2 for Python 3.X and Zope 3-ish
> components for Python 2.X and different components for Python 3.X...appears
> as a nightmare to me.

I think, at first let's see how Python 3 spreads, how successful it is and how 
much developers will switch. Then I assume that there will be a Python 2 
version (perhaps 2.6?) that will be backwards compatible and also compatible 
to Python 3 in most cases. Then it will be time to make Zope2/3 compatible 
with Python 2.6, which may not be that hard after all. After that it will be 
possible to slowly migrate from Python 2.6 -> Python 3, without breaking 
anything and without splitting Zope 2/3 in a Python 2 and Python 3 version.

I personally don't see this so dramatically, especially because many things 
are still unclear in Python 3 and because of the long timescale.

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