nikhil wrote:
> Especially the difficult part, the untrusted code stuff in Zope 2,
> hasn't been tackled at all.

 At present the tests are passing for RestrictedPython( for Zope2
 also). Also I have been analyzing the new language features added and
 is trying to add new tests for checking this. But I haven't yet found
 any that will compromise the security and also I think the present
 tests mostly covers these. Please correct me if I am wrong.

 Now as far as Zope2 is considered, although not a part of my project
 I will be looking into that too. But as far as I looked, it may
 require unavoidable C code changes and I would like to know the
 general opinion on conditional compilation (if no other option is

I think we can support just one version (2.5) without conditional compilation ?
We never supported two Python versions at a time, is it ?
But for core packages like ZODB,zope.interface etc. we should support
more versions (as we are doing now).

Baiju M

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