A few months ago I voiced concerns about Python 3000 breaking existing codebases and fracturing the community as a result. Various people in the community landed on me like a ton of bricks. It wasn't fun.

I think Zope will be on Python 2.x for many years to come. That will give Zope a marketing disadvantage compared to frameworks that are perhaps newer and less used and can therefore transition to Python 3 more easily. It will also make us unable to use libraries written anew on top of Python 3 and updates of libraries upgraded to Python 3. And vice versa, people on Python 3 will be unable to use Zope code, just as we're finally getting somewhere with the eggification.

I'm not very positive about this change from the perspective of someone using the language. From the perspective of a language maintainer I can see the attraction, and I can also see some aspects of the changes being beneficial to new and existing developers (and some not; returning iterators everywhere isn't going to make life easier for instance). That is, beneficial to developers who don't have actual codebases to maintain.

I am hoping that things aren't as bad as I fear and that a combination of conversion scripts and a lot of community effort can get us to Python 3. I'm not holding my breath that this will happen any time soon, though.



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