>Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>He ported the Zope 3 libraries (zope.*). He also worked on the ZODB ina
>a branch, but I see no sign of its merging. When compiling the ZODB with
>Python 2.5, I still get loads of compiler warnings.

I started working in ZODB initially. But that time Jim was working
on the 3.8 branch. He noticed my branch and started working on
Python2.5 support to his branch. We had a discussion on this, in
which I also asked about using conditional compilation of C code
to ensure backward compatibility.  He replied that it can be left for
later consideration and its better to leave the warnings as it is for
now. So as he also told that he will be looking the two remaining
test failures, I deleted my branch without merging.

>Especially the difficult part, the untrusted code stuff in Zope 2,
>hasn't been tackled at all.

At present the tests are passing for RestrictedPython( for Zope2
Also I have been analyzing the new language features added and is
trying to add new tests for checking this. But I haven't yet found any
that will compromise the security and also I think the present tests
mostly covers these. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Now as far as Zope2 is considered, although not a part of my project
I will be looking into that too. But as far as I looked, it may
unavoidable C code changes and I would like to know the general
opinion on conditional compilation (if no other option is present).


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