Tres Seaver wrote:
In fact Python 2.5 porting was not as much difficult as predicted in an old thread [1].

It isn't done yet, so I'm not sure what you are talking about.

Especially the difficult part, the untrusted code stuff in Zope 2, hasn't been tackled at all.

Nikhil has completed porting to Python 2.5 as part of Google Summer of Code project [2].

He ported *ZODB*, not Zope.

He ported the Zope 3 libraries (zope.*). He also worked on the ZODB ina a branch, but I see no sign of its merging. When compiling the ZODB with Python 2.5, I still get loads of compiler warnings.

The ExtensionClass changes are not done,
and I think there are other C-level changes which have not

It was never said whether Zope 2 would be part of the GSoC project or not. That said, we can't drop Python 2.4 support until

But we cannot officially support Python 2.5 until Zope 2 is also ported.
(This is a policy of Zope Foundation, I guess)
But we can give support for individual packages, is it ?

May be we can try Python 3.0 porting in next GSoC ? :)

Frankly, I'm uninterested in spending *any* effort on Py3K support:
we'd be more likely to get traction out of Jython / IronPython (which
are alreday stable, and run on platforms we don't yet support).

... or PyPy, which would allow us to keep single-source implementations of things that currently have to be coded in Python (as a reference implementation) and C (for speedup). Furthermore it also runs on top of the CLI and JVM. To be honest, I find *that* much more exciting that Py3k.

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