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Baiju M wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>>  David Pratt wrote:
>>> Hi. I am concerned about the announcement of python 3000 today that
>>> will break backwards compatibility. Zope and twisted are my
>>> favorite frameworks. The code base for both frameworks are not
>>> small. I haven't evaluated the changes but I can say this is a not
>>> great day for the python community either. I can see this dividing
>>> folks between present and future.
>>> Particularly, I'm thinking about incompatibilities developing
>>> around packages and dependencies through some sort of drawn out
>>> transition by the python community that may take years. Has anyone
>>> thoughts or comments about python 3000 implications for zope?
>>> Unfortunately, my first thoughts are that Python 3000 feels like
>>> Y2K for python :-(. Many thanks.
>>  We're currently struggling to get to Python 2.5 (which isn't exactly
>>  fresh out of the oven) mostly due to incompatibilities that it
>>  introduced compared to Python 2.4. So when Guido says Py3k will allow
>>  incompatible changes for the "first time", it'll be hard to imagine
>>  how big the implications really are. It's especially hard to imagine
>>  because Py3k isn't done yet. Will the stdlib be reorganized? Who
>>  knows. I sure would like to see this '2to3' tool tackle the Zope
>>  codebase. C extensions, anyone?
> In fact Python 2.5 porting was not as much difficult as predicted in an 
> old thread [1].

It isn't done yet, so I'm not sure what you are talking about.

> Nikhil has completed porting to Python 2.5 as part of Google Summer of 
> Code project [2].

He ported *ZODB*, not Zope.  The ExtensionClass changes are not done,
and I think there are other C-level changes which have not

> But we cannot officially support Python 2.5 until Zope 2 is also ported.
> (This is a policy of Zope Foundation, I guess)
> But we can give support for individual packages, is it ?
> May be we can try Python 3.0 porting in next GSoC ? :)

Frankly, I'm uninterested in spending *any* effort on Py3K support:
we'd be more likely to get traction out of Jython / IronPython (which
are alreday stable, and run on platforms we don't yet support).

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