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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> On 4 Sep 2007, at 01:21 , Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>>> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>>>>> The only problem is that distributing grok-0.11.cfg is a bit  
>>>>> tedious.
>>>>> How about if buildout could get it from the web?
>>>> How about making it available from an egg, through a hook in egg- 
>>>> info
>>>> perhaps?
>>> This is a very good point. So good in fact that I thought of it  
>>> myself
>>> :) I was already writing the email when your message came in.
>>> Martijn and I discussed the known working set problem over IRC this
>>> afternoon. He brought up a few good points which suggest that the
>>> version data could be associated with the egg:
>>> The approach that I described in my original posting (and which  
>>> actually
>>> works *today*, as I found out!) has some disadvantages. For instance,
>>> the discoverability and release mechanism of the known working set
>>> configuration file differs a lot from our normal packages.  
>>> Releasing a
>>> package is a well-known routine by now. How and where would we  
>>> release
>>> the working set configuration file? SVN?
>> Why not just release a meta-egg with hard-wired dependencies, plus the
>> scripts required to set up and run the application?  If the other
>> components are as relaxed as possible about their dependencies,  
>> then it
>> shouldn't matter that the meta-egg nails them down:  it isn't going to
>> be possilbe to re-use the meta-egg anyway (and I for one wouldn't want
>> to -- I'd be creating a new environment to run it in).
> I think the use case of being able to override a particular version  
> of a package is valid. Let's say I'm on Zope 3.5.0 (meta egg or  
> whatever) and I'd like to get the newest ZODB because it has a really  
> cool feature. Sure, the warranty is void now, but I'd still like to  
> be able to do it *without* having to reproduce all the version  
> dependencies that the meta egg specifies.
>>> Another problem are dependencies and how we'd like to depend on other
>>> working sets. Let's say we made a 'Zope' working set that  
>>> contained the
>>> stable versions of the zope.* packages. It would make sense for  
>>> grok to
>>> depend on this information. And packages using grok should depend on
>>> that. It'll be complicated to maintain such a chain in separate text
>>> files, especially across version updates. It only seems natural to  
>>> use
>>> the egg dependency mechanism for this.
>> Depending on another WS would basically Just Work (TM) if we used egg
>> dependencies.
> It would, but setuptools doesn't allow us to specify "overrides" in  
> case of version conflicts. Perhaps zc.buildout could be taught how.  
> Then I suppose I could settle for using '==' in a meta egg's setup.py.
>>> When EGG-INFO is written, a custom writer will then take this
>>> information and generate 'known_working_versions.txt' or whatever in
>>> EGG-INFO. The only problem is that this custom writer needs to be
>>> installed when setup.py is called to create egg, in other words to
>>> generate the right kind of eggs you'd need to have something  
>>> installed
>>> first. Not sure if this is better than maintaining .egg-info  
>>> directories
>>> in SVN...
>> I guess I don't get the usecase for maintaining "known good"
>> dependencies outside of setup.py (for the "meta" egg).
> I don't mind maintaining them in setup.py, but the "install_requires"  
> mechanism is insufficient. Sooner or later you're going to end up  
> with a version conflict.

This is definitely a case where looking at how the Linux distros
packaging works is instructive:  if you want to modify a package's
dependencies (your overried, in this case), then you need to roll a new
package.  At that point, perhaps we need a tool which introspects a
"base" egg's dependencies and creates a new set, overriding only what is
different:  in this case, the new egg would not depend on the old (in
fact, it should *conflict with* or *replace* it).

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