On 4 Sep 2007, at 19:15 , Dieter Maurer wrote:
Chris Withers wrote at 2007-9-4 09:15 +0100:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
As far as I understand your use case, i twould already be covered by my original proposal: you always have the option to locally override what's
specified in the working set.

I think Dieter may have meant something like:

  grok = 0.11
  ZODB = 3.8.0-3.8.4
  zope.component = 3.4.0,3.5.1,3.5.2

I think this "orthogonal" description may not be strict enough --
as the testing effort grows exponentially.

Usually, you have tested a few sets, say a single one

   grok 0.11, ZODB 2.8.9, zope.component = 2.4.0

Now, I must integrate "grok 0.11" with a component that
requires ZODB 2.9.0 and zope.component 2.5.2.

I run the tests and can then say:

   grok 0.11 works also with "ZODB 2.9.0" and "zope.component 2.5.2".

But I do not know (without explicit testing) that

   "grok 0.11, ZODB 2.8.9, zope.component 2.5.2" is
   a working set as well.

Thus, the knowledge based on the two tests cannot be
expressed by

grok = 0.11
ZODB = 2.8.9, 2.9.0
zope.component = 2.4.0, 2.5.2

Yup, which is why I think it's ok to constrain oneself to *one* working set for now. If we can make that work somehow, I'd already be happy...

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