On Wednesday 26 September 2007 04:16, Christian Theune wrote:
> The whole list of things that might be relevant here is:
> - zope.securitypolicy
> - zope.session, zope.app.session
> - zope.app.authentication
> - zope.app.i18n
> - zope.i18nmessageid
> - zope.app.applicationcontrol
> - zope.app.appsetup
> I'll go through those now and try to fix it up.

I'll review those with Roger and fix what needs to be fixed.

> This is IMHO a good example why we shouldn't go for 'everyone can make a
> release'.

I totally disagree. If we trust people with repository access, then we have to 
trust them with release making. If you subscribe to the egg process, you have 
to do frequent releases.

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