Gary Poster wrote at 2007-9-26 09:39 -0400:
> ...
>> - Remove the broken files.
>I'm not sure if this is related, but I noticed yesterday at least of  
>couple of eggs that we are using had been removed, in this case from  
>  Please, whoever is doing this, stop.  If a release is  
>brown-bagged as far as you are concerned for some reason, please do  
>not assume it is ok to delete for others.

I do not agree.

When I have understood Christian correctly, then these distributions
were not working at all (they lacked ZCML files).

Distributions not working at all should be deleted as soon
as one recognizes they are not working at all -- to limit
the damage they may cause.

Of course, not having a tag in the SVN repository is
not a sufficient reason to remove otherwise fully working
distributions again.

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