On Wednesday 26 September 2007 10:53, Jim Fulton wrote:
> On Sep 26, 2007, at 10:42 AM, Stephan Richter wrote:
> > On Wednesday 26 September 2007 10:40, Jim Fulton wrote:
> >>> What about using CHANGES.txt, which we should be maintaining anyway?
> >>
> >> I agree with a change log.  CHANGES.txt is difficult to get included
> >> in distributions.  Having one requires a more complex setup.py.  I'd
> >> rather recommend including a change log in README.txt.
> >
> > -1. I don't like that. We include CHANGES.txt via the long  
> > description; that's
> > good enough for me.
> Do you think that the change log should be included in the distribution?

I am indifferent about it. I cannot see a strong argument for having it in the 
release. Because people read the changes before deciding to download the 
package. On the other hand, package managers for Linux distributions will 
hate us, probably. ;-)

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