Marius Gedminas wrote:
+1 for CHANGES.txt (or NEWS.txt) in a separate file from README.txt

+1 for the latest changelog entries visible on the cheeseshop page (see
an announcement, go to cheeseshop, see whether you want to upgrade or

+1 for README.txt and CHANGES.txt available to you after you install an

+1 for those too.

What does one need to tell setup.py to make sure CHANGES.txt is available? I understand it isn't by default, then? Hm, it does appear to be there by default. I checked grok 0.10's tgz and it's there, and we didn't do anything special.

I don't understand Jim's objections to a separate CHANGES.txt then. Is it just because it's more work to include the changes on the cheeseshop homepage if you separate out the text over multiple files?



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