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> A frozen release would consist of:
>  - A single, "frozen" KGS (index pages cannot change after release).

Can we use a flag on the server side e.g. in the index page, so
nobody is able to upload files if we use automated tools
for the upload?

Or can we use a different url which we can't upload after
the freeze has be done. Like we do in subversion at least in some
svn clients there will be a not if you try to commit to a url which
contains the /tag/ part.


> I would note that the script I posted a week or so ago for 
> building package index pages from a directory full of source 
> distributions would be a perfectly adequate tool for 
> constructing such a KGS:  simple copy or link all the 
> "frozen" distributions into a directory and run the script.  
> Once you've verified that the installation regime works from 
> the generated files, you *never touch them again*.

Do you think the directory should be a subversion tag
which makes it reproducable?


Roger Ineichen

> Tres.

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