> >> - We need to decide what a Zope 3 release is (or maybe multiple
> >> flavors).  I favor copying the linux experiences, but have an open
> >> mind.
> >
> > I'm not sure what you mean with that,
> I mean we need to decide what a release is.

Having a list of "promises" with the decision of what a release is
would be nice too. Tarball release was (at least i thought that it
was) promising that:

* You will be able to migrate from 3.3 to 3.4 without any errors, only
with a lot of deprecation warnings.
* 3.3 will only have bugfixes added, not new features.
* 3.3 will work.
* Your database will evolve from 3.3 to 3.4.

I am a bit wary that skipping a tarball release and going directly to
eggs might cause evolution and backwards compatibility problems for
anyone that was using the 3.3 tarball. I only managed to migrate from
3.3 to 3.4 eggs through 3.4.0b1 tarball, because SchoolTool just
didn't work with eggs without a significant set of changes to the

So releasing a tarball and then working towards an egg based 3.5 that
will have a migration path from 3.4 tarball might take less time, than
creating a set of 3.4 eggs that work with 3.3 applications.

> > but for me, a known good set, or
> > what you call it, plus a buildout that uses this, would be enough for
> > a Zope 3.4 release.
> > If we easily can build the old standard downloadable tgz as well, then
> > fine, but it's not necessary.
> That is my opinion too.

Well - if it will be possible to go from Zope 3.3 that got released in
Ubuntu to a set of zope libraries packaged and installed separately,
it's good enough for me. Though having no intermediate step might add
work for the people who will do packaging of zope for various linux
distributions. And yes, I understand that while building a web service
one does not need Zope 3 available in Linux distributions, but as I
really want to build an application and most Linux users install
applications using package managers provided by their distributions, I
would really like seeing Zope3 released in a manner that can be

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