Tres Seaver wrote:
Frozen Releases
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A frozen release would consist of:

 - A single, "frozen" KGS (index pages cannot change after release).

With Grok we're now using such a versions list with buildout, using the buildout extends mechanism. This has two advantages:

* you can just use the cheeseshop. (has the drawback we don't cache releases though, so a cheeseshop release cache (without index page) might be useful in the future to look up missing versions)

* you can combine this list with others, which allows you to build frameworks on frameworks. I consider this is an essential use case.

In the index page approach you'd have to *copy* the KGS frozen list for a later Grok release, while with the Grok approach I believe we can just point at a URL. If I then have framework X which builds on Grok I'd need to *copy* this list again. If I then want to upgrade to a newer version of Grok, I'd need to do the whole thing again, which means that besides one single big list I'd also need to maintain the smaller list for Grok and my framework X. The buildout extends mechanism seems to offer a way out that's there today.

Please don't ignore this working approach for frozen releases?



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