> Does this make sense?  It's only a small rebrand (and the Zope3 stays
> intact) and an assembly of components that already exist.  Basically,
> you can use this occasion as a coming out party... "Zope3 is here, and
> we're for real".

YESSS! Zope3 - imho - has a really big marketing Problem at the moment.
Unfortunatetly if you look at zope.org you see mostly see Zope2 stuff. That is
bad. And we all know that a lot of the python developers didn't like Z2 and they
do not know how different Z3 is. 

Still at the beginning of digging into Z3, I have a feeling that this is another
damn great peace of software that should be used more widely. However, another
important point here is to lower that barrier when it comes to get started with

There are 2 Books about Z3, which is a good starting point. There is a much
better documented API than Z2 ever had. There are ready-to-go components that
work. There have been a few succesfull Projects based on Z3 already. BUT no one
knows about it in the wild.

So what can we do about it?

Pull out a Website about Z3 in a similar way the RubyOnRails, Django, TurboGears
(and other...) Frameworks have done. Get some more people talking about Z3. Go
out and spread the word ;-)

I will do what I can to be a part of this here in Germany at DZUG.

Kind Regards

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