Fred Drake wrote:
On 5/8/06, Benji York <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I must have been unclear.  "zf" sounds great to me as a name space for
code that's covered by the contributer agreement.  "z" (or something
else) as a default name space for non-foundation code that doesn't
otherwise have a name space.

I'm not sure what you mean by non-foundation code.  Isn't the intent
to move the entire repository to the foundation?  It's all, in that
scenario, foundation code.

No, I'm talking about people who have developed something and can't, won't, or just haven't signed a contributer agreement, but want to make the code open source and available. Instead of each and every one coming up with their own name space there could be a default, non-foundation name space for them to use. Jim (Washington)'s code is just such an example. In this specific case I'd prefer he put it in, and if so should be in the "zf" name space. If, for some reason, he doesn't then the name space could be "z" (or some other nice name).

I'd suggest that code that won't be transferred to the foundation
doesn't belong in the repository at all.

Totally agreed.
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