On 10/9/06, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Then, can we move up zope.app.component.interfaces.ISite to
> zope.component.interfaces.ISite or any other place?

Perhaps zope.site.

I just tried this in my checkout, it only took 30 minutes.
All tests passed except src/zope/app/component/tests/test_registration.py
which make use src/zope/app/component/tests/gen3.fs
How can I regenerate this file ?

The patch against current trunk is here:

Now I wonder whether I should go for a formal proposal.
Any chance to get +1

Jim recently suggested that perhaps we make zope.app
a namespace package in which case zope.app.component could perhaps be
distributed individually. Then zope.location would only depend on
zope.app.component, not all of zope.app.

This is required for complete eggification of Zope 3.

Baiju M
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