Baiju M wrote:
On 10/9/06, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Then, can we move up to
> zope.component.interfaces.ISite or any other place?


I just tried this in my checkout, it only took 30 minutes.

That's nice. Note that should perhaps also contain more stuff, such as the whole sitemanager-in-a-thread-local stuff, and possibly a local site manager implementation that can be used in Zope 2 and 3 (much of what LocalSiteManager does currently).

So, in the end, would more or less contain what currently contains. The move might not be worth it.

All tests passed except src/zope/app/component/tests/
which make use src/zope/app/component/tests/gen3.fs
How can I regenerate this file ?

Dunno. Perhaps you should write another evolvement script?

The patch against current trunk is here:

Now I wonder whether I should go for a formal proposal.
Any chance to get +1

Dunno, try it :). Though I would suggest bringing up this whole issue on [EMAIL PROTECTED] We oughta discuss the whole package-dependency-and-move-around issue sooner or later anyways.

Jim recently suggested that perhaps we make
a namespace package in which case could perhaps be
distributed individually. Then zope.location would only depend on, not all of

This is required for complete eggification of Zope 3.

Not really. It would just make things easier to reuse. Zope 3 could easily be eggified as it is, would probably just have to be a big monolithic egg.

For smaller and more reusable eggs, it looks like we have the following two scenarios:

a) we continue to move reusable stuff out of


b) we dig through and make the reusable stuff less dependent on the rest of Then, those things can become their own eggs, after having made a namespace package.

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