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Am Samstag, 7. April 2007 18:43 schrieb Christophe Combelles:
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Christophe Combelles wrote:

I have a regular content object which uses the formlib for its edit
view. Nothing special, just like a Recipe.
But I want this object to only reside in the Site Manager, because it
will be used as a configurable local utility (some kind of
LocalKitchenTools utility)

Everything is perfect, and the EditForm works well until I want to
tell this object to be only contained in the SiteManager. So I just
add this statement in the interface:

'container' adds __parent__ as schema.Field attribute to your interface.
You need to omit __parent__ in your formlib form_fields definition.
thanks, that's it, so I will omit only __parent__
You had already answered while I was still writing my previous post :)

Couldn't this thing be managed by the formlib itself?
The error is not explicit and does not mention __parent__ anywhere

Yes, this was also my problem - the error message was quite cryptic and it took me hours to find out the reason.

A good solution would be to either making the error message more verbose, or to automatically omit such attributes in the formlib (which could also lead to other problems).

-1 on automatic exclusion, that would be a bit magical.

+1 on making the error message more verbose.

It shouldn't be a lot of work to adjust the setUpWidgets and setUpEditWidgets functions in zope.formlib.form to make queryMultiAdapter() calls instead of getMultiAdapter(). Then in case of a None return value (i.e. there's no widget), raise a WidgetLookupError (a subclass of LookupError) with a proper error message.

This is a small enough task that would make an excellent first contribution to Zope 3... any takers? :)

Steps you'd need to take:

* Become a Zope contributor by signing and mailing

* Write a test that exercises the desired behaviour, best by extending
  the zope.formlib/form.txt doctest. (We require automated tests for all
  modifications, especially for bugfixes and new features).

* Fix up zope.formlib.form to pass the test, in other words, introduce
  WidgetLookupError and raise it in the appropriate places.

* Check in the modifications.

All that should be done against the Zope 3 trunk. All in all it shouldn't take you more than half a day if you aren't familiar with Zope's source code yet, and it would open the door for future contributions.

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