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I have a regular content object which uses the formlib for its edit
view. Nothing special, just like a Recipe.
But I want this object to only reside in the Site Manager, because it
will be used as a configurable local utility (some kind of
LocalKitchenTools utility)

Everything is perfect, and the EditForm works well until I want to
tell this object to be only contained in the SiteManager. So I just
add this statement in the interface:

'container' adds __parent__ as schema.Field attribute to your interface.
You need to omit __parent__ in your formlib form_fields definition.
thanks, that's it, so I will omit only __parent__
You had already answered while I was still writing my previous post :)

Couldn't this thing be managed by the formlib itself?
The error is not explicit and does not mention __parent__ anywhere

Yes, this was also my problem - the error message was quite cryptic and it took me hours to find out the reason.

A good solution would be to either making the error message more verbose, or to automatically omit such attributes in the formlib (which could also lead to other problems).

-1 on automatic exclusion, that would be a bit magical.

+1 on making the error message more verbose.

It shouldn't be a lot of work to adjust the setUpWidgets and setUpEditWidgets functions in zope.formlib.form to make queryMultiAdapter() calls instead of getMultiAdapter(). Then in case of a None return value (i.e. there's no widget), raise a WidgetLookupError (a subclass of LookupError) with a proper error message.

This is a small enough task that would make an excellent first contribution to Zope 3... any takers? :)

I will try to see if I feel able to do such a thing, but apart from that, there is another good reason I would want to apply for a commiter account : I would like to review and complete french translations. I've already contributed l10n of several projects (gettext, ardour, dvdrip, dolibarr, etc.),
and I've seen several typos, at least in the apidoc.


Steps you'd need to take:

* Become a Zope contributor by signing and mailing

* Write a test that exercises the desired behaviour, best by extending
  the zope.formlib/form.txt doctest. (We require automated tests for all
  modifications, especially for bugfixes and new features).

* Fix up zope.formlib.form to pass the test, in other words, introduce
  WidgetLookupError and raise it in the appropriate places.

* Check in the modifications.

All that should be done against the Zope 3 trunk. All in all it shouldn't take you more than half a day if you aren't familiar with Zope's source code yet, and it would open the door for future contributions.

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