On 9 Apr 2007, at 13:08 , Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
This is a small enough task that would make an excellent first
contribution to Zope 3... any takers? :)

Certainly interesting, but I'm still very new to Zope 3, so I'm unsure if I am
qualified for this task.

Everybody has to start at some point :).

What if I check in code that accidentally breaks something?

The chances of that happening are low if you follow the guidelines: always write tests for modifications and always run *all* tests before checking in. We have automated tests for exactly this reason: avoiding accidental breakage.

Also, the "checkin police" will be there to let you know when you screw up :).

* Write a test that exercises the desired behaviour, best by extending the zope.formlib/form.txt doctest. (We require automated tests for all
   modifications, especially for bugfixes and new features).

This once again raises the question for me how I execute such tests (such as form.txt) - is there some magical Zope 3 command? Executing these tests via "debugzope" does not always work, probably something has to be set up

Yes, most test require setup which we typically don't put in the text file because it would be confusing. I suggest you read up on unittests and doctests in particular (form.txt is a doctest). My book (http://worldcookery.com) devotes a whole chapter to automated testing.

Note that re-playing doctests in the debugzope prompt is not an actual *automated* test. The idea of automated tests is that thousands of them can be run automatically with one command. Only that way we can ensure that modifications in one place won't break other code somewhere else: we always run that other code's tests!

When having Zope 3 installed from a tarball, you can run its tests using a command like this:

  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ /usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/bin/zopetest -p
  Running unit tests:
      1024/8148 (12.6%)

When in a Zope 3 checkout, you simply execute "python test.py - p" (the -p flag switches on the percent display).


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