Am Montag, 9. April 2007 00:13 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:
> Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
> > A good solution would be to either making the error message more verbose,
> > or to automatically omit such attributes in the formlib (which could also
> > lead to other problems).
> -1 on automatic exclusion, that would be a bit magical.
> +1 on making the error message more verbose.

Yes, I agree with that. 

> It shouldn't be a lot of work to adjust the setUpWidgets and
> setUpEditWidgets functions in zope.formlib.form to make
> queryMultiAdapter() calls instead of getMultiAdapter(). Then in case of
> a None return value (i.e. there's no widget), raise a WidgetLookupError
> (a subclass of LookupError) with a proper error message.

Sounds like a good solution.

> This is a small enough task that would make an excellent first
> contribution to Zope 3... any takers? :)

Certainly interesting, but I'm still very new to Zope 3, so I'm unsure if I am 
qualified for this task. What if I check in code that accidentally breaks 

> * Write a test that exercises the desired behaviour, best by extending
>    the zope.formlib/form.txt doctest. (We require automated tests for all
>    modifications, especially for bugfixes and new features).

This once again raises the question for me how I execute such tests (such as 
form.txt) - is there some magical Zope 3 command? Executing these tests 
via "debugzope" does not always work, probably something has to be set up 

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